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My Bruce Springsteen Project – Blinded by the Light

So I was out walking the other morning and I was listening to the Improve Photography podcast (which is a great podcast, by the way). They were talking about New Years’ resolutions to do with photography and what things we can resolve to do for the New Year to improve ourselves, instead of spending huge amounts on equipment. One of the things they said was that some people resolved to take a photo every day, but they were a bit lazy and couldn’t do that – I’m probably the same – so one thing that they said they did was resolve to do a shoot once a week. And I thought, yep I can do that.

So I was trying to get some ideas, actually I’ve been thinking for a while what I could do for a new project, and when I got home (once I finished listening to the podcast) I was listening to music on my IPod, and Bruce Springsteen came on – “Blinded by the Light”. Now, I love Bruce Springsteen. He’s coming to Australia, I just bought tickets, it all just seemed to be a sign, the stars and planets aligned, whatever. So I’ve decided I’m going to do a shoot – I’m not sure how often I can do it, but I’ll aim for every month – inspired by a Bruce Springsteen song and the first song I’m going to choose is “Blinded by the Light”. For those of you not familiar with Bruce Springsteen’s work (the young ‘uns) I suggest you go and raid your parents’ record collection or CDs and have a listen. He is a poet, he’s just incredible. My husband first introduced me to him, when we started going out years and years ago, and I’m absolutely in love with him, I’ve been to see him each time he’s been to Australia and he’s just amazing. You may have heard the Manfred Mann version of “Blinded by the Light” (totally different from Bruce’s original) which had more chart success, but this is my preferred one.

Anyway, what is this song about? What the hell is this song about? Have you heard the lyrics? Even Bruce said he didn’t know what he was thinking when he wrote this song! I suppose you could say it’s generally about his youth – there are characters and references from his past, and it’s all pretty crazy, so instead of doing a literal translation, I’ve gone for a general theme of youth with an edgy vibe. Thanks to my son and his friends (who will probably pop up in future photos).

Blinded by the Light

Blinded by the Light

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